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Space Entrepreneurship

If you are reading this section, then you must be interested in creating a space related business and wondering where to start. The list of technological opportunities below that contribute to the over all space industry supply chain is the first place to start:

Space Technology Market Opportunities (this is a summary of potential market opportunities.

Browse the SpaceBase NZ Space Directory to understand the existing space industry segments already in NZ and what products and services exist.

Putting your Idea into Action...

Startup Incorporation

       Reserve your Company Name 
       Register your Space Startup 
       Create your Constitution (sample template) 
       Apply for a Bank Account (sample) 

Space Incubators and Accelerators

Note: There is currently no dedicated aerospace incubator in NZ. The NZ Aerospace Challenge 2019 is running a virtual space incubator for the teams selected. Some of these teams (and those from last years Space Challenge) are currently incubated/mentored through:

       UC Centre for Entrepreneurship/Xstart - Christchurch 
       Te Ohaka - Centre for Growth and Innovation - Christchurch 
       Johnson’s Corner - Taranaki 
       GRID AKL - Auckland 
       Petridish - Dunedin 


       SpaceBase Limited - Aerospace professionals available for mentorship and consulting. 


       Callaghan Innovation 
       Royal Society of New Zealand 
       Pitch Opportunities 
          NZ Aerospace Challenge 
       Investment Funds - MBIE 

Investors (Currently outside of NZ)

       Space Angels 
       Founders Fund 
       Seraphim Capital 
       Promus Ventures 
       Bessemer Venture Partners 
       Global Space Ventures 

Get Listed

       NZ Space Directory - Locally  
       New Space Hub - Globally