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Here are a few directions we are looking at taking - everything is speculative at this point and we need your feedback and help:

Our roadmap

We don't have due dates on these - just some areas to focus on.

Content we want to create

We want you to create an account, add content, join the discussion, and edit this roadmap.

Here's what is on the SpaceBase staffs list:

  • Playbook for Space Entrepreneurs in New Zealand - every bit of help we can muster for entrepreneurs in New Zealand that are starting a company in the space industry.
  • Playbook for starting a SpaceBase - everything you need to know to start an organization like SpaceBase from a management perspective.
  • Playbook for running a Challenge Program
  • Playbook for setting up the technical infrastructure SpaceBase uses - from setting up an instance of our drupal projects, wikis, and other servers - to forking or contributing-to the open-source software we maintain.

SpaceBase staff are creating playbooks to help people run impact programs, build systems like this one, and just generally put ourselves out of a job. Those playbooks are going here.

Ease of Use

We are looking at adding:

  • More help pages.
  • Extensions that make it easy to invite others like: InviteUsers
  • Portals so that content can be grouped
Look and Feel

We need to borrow some CSS/HTML to make this wiki easier on the eyes.

To aid in that effort, here is a sampling of pretty mediawikis that do a good job embedding images and with formatting on the main page.

Discussions and Collaboration tools

We would like to enable visitors to this wiki to have general discussions in an easy way that does not interfere with articles. We are considering:

  • The WikiForum extension
  • The SocialProfile extension
  • Embeddable reddit forums.