State of the NZ Space Industry

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The NZ Space Industry is at its infancy.

However, just in less than two years since Rocket Lab successfully launched from the Mahia Peninsula, an increase in interest, activities and opportunities in the aerospace community has began to emerge.

The following articles and documents capture the current state of the aerospace industry in New Zealand.

NZ Space Economy Report (Deloitte, Nov 2019)

Christchurch Aerospace Sector Plan (Deloitte, Nov 2019)

The Extraordinary Story of How New Zealand Entered the Space Race (Dec 2018)

New Small Satellite Launch Market - Rocket Lab in the lead (April 2018)

Why Space is Still the Place (Sept 2017)

Space Solving Problems on Earth (May 2019)

Our Place in the Space Race (Feb 2019)

State of NZ Space Industry (SpaceBase Slides. Jan 2019)