Important Roles in the NZ Space Ecosystem

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Today different stakeholders exists in NZ working on different segments of the space ecosystem. Below are sample listings of past and current activities for each player in the NZ aerospace ecosystem. A more comprehensive listing of organizations today are in the SpaceBase NZ Space Directory


New Zealand

  Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) 
  New Zealand Space Agency 
      Space Policies and Regulations 
          Regulations (The Outerspace and High Altitude Activities Act) 
          Licences and Permits ( What you need for launching something into space) 
  Xerra Earth Observation Institute Ltd (Formerly Centre for Space Science & Technology) 
  About Earth Observation (Xerra - brokers for Planet, and Airbus remote sensing data.)


  MBIE Innovation Partnerships with other Space Agencies 
  German Space Agency & Technology 
      NASA Sofia Flying Observatory in New Zealand 
      US Antarctic Program based out of Christchurch Airport 
      NASA High-Altitude Balloon Flights hosted at Wanaka 

Education and training

  Sound of Space Debris 
  High Altitude Balloon Flights 
  CubeSat Competition 
  UC Rocketry Group 
  Cashmere High Satellite Club 

Outreach and Innovation

  NZ Space Challenge 2018 
  Act in Space 
  Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand (Find Astronomy Directory listings here ) 
  SpaceBase (NZ Space Directory, Events Calendar, NZ Space Wiki, Space Projects Platform) 


Space systems'' - designing, building, manufacturing, and operating components and systems based in space

  Leo Labs 
  Space Debris Detection - First Southern Hemisphere Space Junk Radar to be built

Launch activities'' - designing, building, manufacturing and operating equipment and services related to the launch of space systems

  Rocket Lab 
     Rocket Lab Launches & Firsts
  First private orbital space port and launch facility 
  First 3D printed rocket engine 
  First battery driven rocket pump 
  18 months from built to launch - Fleet Satellites & agile access to space 
  Dedicated Satellite Bus - Proton 
  Dawn Aerospace 
  Kiwi Orbitals 

Ground systems - ''designing, building, manufacturing and operating ground systems

  AwaruaTracking Station - Planet ground station in NZ 
  Lochiel Sat Ground Station - Spire Global 
  Launch Complex 1 - Space Private Orbital spaceport in the world 

Space enabled services - ''designing, building, manufacturing and operating equipment, services and applications that require data or other services from space-based systems and components

  Zenno Astronautics 
  Kea Aerospace 

Ancillary services - ''professional services to support space-based activities

Research and development - ''space related research and development

  Astronomy observations and discoveries 

User of space enabled services

  Agriculture Industry, Disaster Relief, Environmental Monitoring, Maritime Security 


  Extraterrestrial Power